Low Country Boil

Here is a picture of a recent dinner I cooked for 20 people in Charleston, SC at a kayak festival.  It is called a Low Country Boil, and these were Argentinian shrimp.  I said in my introduction that I was a huge fan of good food being cooked on a camping trip.  I’ve even found ways to be creative on kayak expeditions, where you cook on a backpacking stove, and carry everything in the kayak hatches.

The key to a Low Country Boil is NEVER overcook anything, especially seafood.  I grew up with a mother who had two speeds, “OFF” and “HIGH”.  Everything was overcooked.  It took me visiting other people’s homes where I discovered things that I was sure I had never had, and was inspired to learn to cook to make them correctly. This dish is delicious, and very easy.

Dinner at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival in Charleston, SC 2012





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