You’re closer to God’s heart in a garden than any place else on earth.” — Dorothy Frances Gurney.

I always see God in a garden.  Perhaps that is why He invented them.  I also think I see a bit of divine logic when it comes to a heat wave.  God wants us gardeners to put up what He has provided and take a break. Actually, I started this blog during this heat wave, as I could not get out in the garden for long periods of time. I hope I have time and motivation to continue this blog when it returns to a normal temperature. It seems to be a great way to get creative though, so I think it will continue.  Just so you know, anyone who knows me will tell you that I tend to like the heat in general.  This heat wave has been crazy and unending though, so even I am driven inside. This heat wave has lasted almost two weeks now, and looks like it will end sometime Tuesday. I have an avalanche of vegetables to do things with, and am sorting through my veggie cookbooks for fun things to do.  I have not had a meal with meat in it in a while, and don’t miss it.  (Oops…except for my BLT’s:).  I just had a BLT for /breakfast/brunch, as I am the adult when my youngest daughter is not here (hehe), and can have what I want. A good BLT is also a gift.  Thick sliced fresh bread from the deli, fresh lettuce, the best bacon you can find, and the bursting with flavor red tomato.  Yes, I have to see a divine plan in this, as a BLT is divine!  May the tomato seeds burst down your chin.


One thought on “You’re closer to God’s heart in a garden than any place else on earth.” — Dorothy Frances Gurney.

  1. Funny, you mention meatless living and while I am not opposed to eating meat, I am finding more and more often that I simply don’t prefer to eat it all that much anymore. I was not blessed with the gardening gene, but I do find God speaks to me in nature more often than not and in gardens and birds . . . the who package of scent, and sound, and sight . . . it really blesses me. When I look at a flower I feel it’s a kiss from Him to me.

    Great post, Trisha.


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