Overgrown Garden

This is the time of year when the native North Carolians give up their garden and move on to easier things.  That always amazes me, as I came from the land of the small window of a growing season. There is still half of the season left!!  But, oh, my..at this time of year, weeds have tap roots and go to seed, and take over.  So, I figure my mission, should I choose to accept it, it to get out there every day and battle with the weeds, and till up the stuff that is done producing.  It is much easier to contemplate this at 66 degrees than 100 degrees. Last week was brutal heat, and the only time to get out there was in the very early morning hours.

I am going to pull up all of the sweet basil and make a vat of pesto.  Pesto only has six ingredients, and is SO good.  It freezes well also, so I can have the fresh taste of summer all year.  That is one of the plans.

I am going to replant the sweet basil, summer squash, zucchini, and patty pan squash this week.  Then it will be time to consider the fall items that need a long time to grow.  My plan is to be weedless, or at least enough to be able to work the garden again.  We finally got enough rain to get the soil to be less like concrete. I suspect it may be mud though, but I am not complaining.

I am getting eggplants like they were weeds, so I know there will be an eggplant dish in the works.  I would love some feedback if you are a gardener, especially if you have a kitchen garden.  This blog has been a lot of fun thus far.


One thought on “Overgrown Garden

  1. Sigh, I was not blessed with a green thumb. Your garden sounds lovely though. Wish we lived closer then maybe I’d catch that green thumb thing from you (or steal some veggies) lol


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