Recipes Without a Net

I modify and make up recipes.  Sometimes I take about six recipes from different sources and play with them, test them over and over until I make them my own.  Then I never write them down. Eeek.  Until now.   This blog is making me more disciplined, and I am trying to write things down.  I actually have to sit down as I cook, and write.  So, most of the recipes are my own now, unless I credit someone.  However, I have had many influences.  This is good for me.  I have a recipe that I am making for a dinner party tonight that I will have to write down, as I love the taste, and could replicate it all day long, but it is not written down.  So, this has been an exercise in discipline.  Fun!


2 thoughts on “Recipes Without a Net

  1. Hi. I just gave you a blog award: Very Inspiring Blogger” so pop over to my blog and snag a copy of the award and the few simple rules to follower to accept it. Don’t forget to post it on your blog!


  2. You are a blessing to me and so I’ve just nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. The rules are simple, so just pop over to my blog and copy the award and rules so you can post it to your own!


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