Gardening Through the Years–The Year of the Tomato-2013

The Year of the TomatoI just read through my blog posts from last summer. My, my, what a different year this is from last year. Last year at this same time, I could not get the tiller in the ground because it was like cement. We had already gone over 100 degrees many times, and it was the hottest I ever remember it being in my life. Many plants had given up the ghost, and I was hoping to replant them once the rains came. I also quote myself that I was “picking eggplant like they were weeds”. This year, I’ve got teeny tiny eggplants, and only the Oriental variety have produced a few fruits. The European ones have a few blooms, but the plants are tiny. Last year I had to cage them to keep them from toppling over with the weight of the fruit. This year, I still had sticks up to mark where they are.
The cucumbers have gone insane, as they love water–being made up of mostly water themselves. They are growing into and onto the basil plants. Okra is usually 7 feet tall by now, and I am getting a few, but they are only a few feet tall. The peppers are miserable, and I have only had two, and they were tiny. However, I still can’t get the tiller in the ground–or it would SINK in the MUD!
This is the year of the tomato. I would have to say that last year, 2012, was the Year of The Pepper. I was filling grocery sacks daily. It was galling to me to have to go buy a pepper today. The organic ones were $3.49 each, and the non-organic ones were $0.99 each. I got the less expensive one, and remembered last year. Sacks and sacks of peppers, and I made stuffed peppers, stir fried peppers, pepper everything.
This year it is tomato everything. Eric and I picked about 100 pounds today alone, and there are as many just about ready to pick tomorrow or Tuesday. What a difference a year makes.


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