Okra is the new tomato

okraI have been out of town for my former mother-in-law’s wake and memorial service, and dealing with exhaustion. The garden looks like a series of projects, and it is past time to get in some fall stuff. It was difficult to throw out some tomatoes, which rotted on the counter while I was gone. I don’t care how many tomatoes I get; it is never enough. I should get another huge batch from the current plants, and have planted new ones. I will then make “Frankensteins” out of the old plants and will blog this, as no one knows how to do this. This amazes me, as tomatoes are vines–and this seems intuitive. I will take pictures of this process sometime in the next week or so.
However, the okra plants have literally grown two feet this week. We got a sackful yesterday, and there will be more each day. Ok..time for okra gumbo, stewed okra and tomatoes, succatash and other delicious okra dishes. My future father in-law and my ex’s wife want small ones to fry. It is hard to get those, as I grow the ones for stewing, and they get big without getting tough. However, for frying, you really do need the small ones, so I will need to go out twice a day to get them before then get huge. The small ones are in the bag in the picture. This time of year, you have to pick okra each day. I am going to pickle some okra for the first time also.


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