First Blog Post of 2014

ImageI’ve been a bit  amiss in my blog, and am now getting excited about the new year.  However, my poor garden is in it’s winter state, and normally does so much better, but we had the kind of artic blast.  After checking out the triage situation, I am left with some cabbage collards, Brussels sprouts, rosemary and lavender and am grateful for that.  For NC, it has been a tough winter, and it is still January.  However the light is getting ready to change, and it will be time to plant soon.

I did find an amazing surprise today.  There are five individual spinach plants coming up from the seeds I tossed in there in November to overwinter.  That made me smile.  They should be ready, along with the Brussels sprouts to eat next week.

This blog is not just a cooking blog, but it is a “freshness” blog about gardening, fresh foods, cooking and getting away from not knowing what is in season in the grocery stores.  If you see tomatoes in the store in January, they are not fresh.  However, seeing those same tomatoes in the store in July, and seeing people buy them and not know the difference amazes and saddens me.

We wandered out into the wilderness known as the garden today to pull up sticks, markers, pull out dead plants. We found the spinach plants, and the just about ready to eat Brussels sprouts.  It is time to amend the soil, add friend’s ashes from burn barrels and fireplaces, manure, leaves, and wait for a day to till.

Our wedding is March 15th, and we want the entire spring garden in and thriving before we head off for a well deserved honeymoon in Savannah.  Thus, we have work to do!

We used a live Christmas tree this year, with the intention of planting it–as we spent Christmas in Indiana.  We put it in today, and watered it generously.  We are excited about seeing this tree thrive, and hope that happens.  It was wonderful to be playing in the dirt again.  Here is a picture of our Christmas tree that is now in the yard. 

Happy New Year to all of you in Blogosphere.  I can’t wait to see what veggie takes the 2014 title of most prolific.  Last year, it was the year of the tomato.