Chinese Beef & Veggies

1 lb. top round steak—cut on grain in small rectangular pieces
3 cups veggies
2-3 Tb. Soy
1 Tb. rice wine
1 tsp. hot sesame oil OR 1 tsp sesame and flakes of red pepper to taste
2 Tb. chopped fresh ginger
1 Tb chopped garlic
1 Tb cornstarch mixed with 1 Tb cold water in cup

All of these measurements are approximate. Use to taste.

Marinate meat in soy, rice wine sesame oil, ginger, garlic and cornstarch for at least an hour.
Stir fry meat until lightly done in wok or similar pan. Take meat off with slotted spoon to leave sauce in pan.
Add veggies and stir fry until desired degree of doneness. Crisp is best.
Adjust sauce’s ingredients

Bon Appetit


3 thoughts on “Chinese Beef & Veggies

  1. Good to hear from you again, Trisha! It has been quite awhile and I do hope all is going well with you and yours. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes. Blessings, Evelyn


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