A Beginning and an Ending-Goodbye to 2014, and Welcome to 2015

Today got to a balmy 51 degrees. I was so needing some vitamin D!  We went out there and cleaned up the 2014 garden (hence the ending part of the title). There was old vines, frozen plants as the last two weeks have just been crazy in terms of weather, and then there was the holidays before that. Anyway, it was a time for evaluation of what had made it, and what hadn’t.  Some herbs are perennial, and I hoped that we still had some of our fresh herbs. Of course, winter is not over yet, but the days are getting longer.  Eventually, there will be enough light to stave off the cold, and it will be mostly in the wee hours of the night.

The Ending part was that there were many dead broccoli, cauliflower, Swiss chard and peas that we never got.  We hauled the husks to the street, and then focused on what did make it.

The Beginning is that many of the herbs did make it.  There is a ton of fresh cilantro to pick, the oregano is prolific, sage, lavender and rosemary (although I think the rosemary won’t make it), horseradish and summer savory all looked pretty happy.  We cleared all the debris away, pruned the lemongrass, and cut all the raspberry canes down to the ground.  They were already green, and looked like they were already trying to bud.  The asparagus national forest has been trimmed down, and it all looks neat and clean.  We still have our Brussell sprouts and collards and leeks still to come.  We had sauteed Brussell sprouts tonight with garlic, butter and herbs.  Yummy:) I “think” the artichokes made it, although they are decidedly not happy. I will baby them, as they are wonderful.

It doesn’t look like much, but I did take a picture. It looks LOW, compared to the midsummer six foot tall plants.  However, it has begun.  Out of the wreckage comes a new garden season.–welcome 2015.



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