Greetings, and welcome to my new blog.  The reason I am doing this is that I would love to share “kitchen gardening”, and my love of fresh food.  It would be nice to connect with others who share this passion., and this seems like a great way to get creative.

First off, I’ve been asked to explain the title of this blog.  This is a funny story that took place in Williamsburg, VA on the day after Thanksgiving, 2011.  We had been sightseeing (lots of walking), ate wonderful food and had a fairly large tankard of Williamsburg Ale, for which I give sole credit. I fell asleep rather soundly, and had a dream about Swedish meatballs coming out from underneath my pillow and flyng around the room.  They were making noises and swarming.  Needless to say, I woke up with a start.  Eric said that I was sayng “meatballs” in my sleep, and that I seemed totally rattled.  When I told him about the dream, we both laughed until we cried.  We have been laughing about it ever since.  When people start babbling, we refer to it as “speaking meatball”.  Since they are a food, it seemed appropriate to use them as the title, although I wonder if it should be “Evil Flying Swedish Meatballs”.  I did think, however that all of you people in blogland might think this was a sci-fi blog.

I have a lifelong nickname of “Shellseeker” because I grew up by the ocean and was always gathering shells.  That is part of my other website for my real job, which is real estate–and the title of that website is www.SheSellsCarolina.com.  It is a direct pun on that nickname.  However, I didn’t want all you bloggers and followers to think this was just about fish, although I confess an amazing love of seafood and hope to have many seafood recipes on this blog. I also have a tax business called “Trisha’s Taxes” during the winter, with no website–yet.

My name is Trisha, and I live in Mebane, North Carolina and hail originally from Salem, MA. I have two amazing daughters, both of whom inherited my love of cooking, and one also inherited my love of gardening.  I’ve indoctrinated my boyfriend of three years into gardening, and he loves it.  It is great to have someone to share this hobby with, and consequently, I’ve explored more cooking with the fresh fruits of our labours.

I have explored a catering business, cooking for two restaurants, a hotel in Ireland and taught a cooking course at a college.  Now, however, I just play with my kitchen garden and cook for my friends and family.  I always love to connect with fellow “foodies”, and hope this blog gives me some community so I can get all excited about something that may make most people fall asleep, like different types of oysters, or what to do with fresh herbs.

Another one of my passions, which can actually fit in with the cooking and the gardening is flatwater kayaking.  I am a huge fan of Michael Gray’s book, “Hey, I’d Eat This At Home”.  This principle of not bringing packaged boiling bags and powdered heat ‘n eats to a kayak trip is paramount to my philosophy of eating fresh food.  I tend to love to be the camp cook, or one of them on my kayak trips.  I will incorporate many of those kayak trips into my blog.  I’m excited about this, and hope you enoy it with me.


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  1. Days without internet access felt like months and as it fleetingly, I fear, returns to power I rushed to your blog, but alas I found you’d left both kitchen and garden . . . come back!


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